On Run From Shadows

Stalked by shadows,
by ghosts of memory.
Hunted by creatures,
by beasts of history.

Claws of regret,
that rips the soul.
Rending the heart,
the choices of old.

Jaws of guilt,
that shatters bone.
Shredding the flesh,
past wrongful turns.

Glares of accusation,
from blood red orbs.
Assigning damnation,
for every tear and every sob.

Howls of vengeance,
from long dead throats.
Demanding due payment,
for sins and hurts.

Followed by spectres,
every second of each day.
unable to sleep to rest,
or even to pray.

Chased by monsters,
every step of the way.
till the ending moments,
then to the shadows must I pay.

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