My Drive Through Life

Through the windows of my car
I see the present speeding far
in rear view mirrors on each side
visions of the past that will soon hide

beyond my windshield spreads a tale
the story of future things to hail
miles and kilometres counted by
numbers that clicks and needles that fly

the dust and soil that caress
upon spinning wheels that knows no rest
fed on air and fueled by gas
following signposts and lines upon maps

on lengthy highways and local routes
towards destinations and commutes
tons of baggage in my trunk
the essentials of passage and collected junk

plumes of smoke will soon obscure
the glances of past that once was here
beams of light will illuminate
the murky depths of future's state

between meals under diner's eaves
I reflect upon my lifetime at ease
while filling up under station's roof
where am I going still seeking proof

on lonely drives in the heat of summer
should I lend ride to any hitchhiker
in the towns I see in many travels
should I flirt with waitressess and farm bred girls

sometimes troubling bugs would splatter
soiling my windshield with insect matter
animals are often on the road to wander
hit by my wheels they flatten and shatter

on bumpy roads and slippery streets
I could break axles and crash into pits
it is sometimes just as well to stop
to call for help or tows to workshops

in the monotony of the drive
the silence of the sleep deprived
I turn on the radio to hear the songs
that gives comfort as I sing along

upon the blacktop I am the king
speeding fast like I have wings
untill the cruiser its siren sound
tickets and citations to me abound

I wonder where and until when
my drive through life would find its end
but whatever fate my journey wields
I will turn the ignition and take the wheels.

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